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Knowledge Management

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Knowledge for Development:

The importance of knowledge for promoting economic development has become part of development orthodoxy. It has acquired the status of an axiomatic belief that is rarely contested. Instead, most discussion on the subject now appears to focus on methods for creating knowledge-based societies.

This article examines certain key issues that have been ignored in our rush to create knowledge-based societies and suggests priorities for sequencing of policies in developing nations. I believe that we have moved too quickly, without raising issues that may dampen our enthusiasm for the emerging field of knowledge for development (K4D). Difficult as it may seem, it is time to pause and raise these issues.

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The End Product of Knowledge Management

Just like business management, which people have practiced since the first businesses were established, knowledge management is as old as knowledge itself. Even before the evolution of the human race, other species managed knowledge from the time they appeared on this planet and developed the urge to survive. Today, the management of knowledge management has come of age, and we are beginning to see some consensus on essentials such as the definition of knowledge management.

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White Paper on Knowledge Management in Government

What makes Government Different:When you say government, that’s pretty vague. There are thousands of agencies, commands, bureaucracies, departments ...
it’s somewhat akin to the myth of then “European market.” There is no such thing. There are, however, very active buying sectors in Germany, which are distinct from buying sectors in France. The UK stands alone, and the Scandinavian countries, while often lumped together, are also quite differentiated by habit, language, regulation and culture.

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Presentation on Knowledge Management





Introduction to National Knowledge Commission (NKC) by Mr. Sam Pitroda

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