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Learning alliance of states

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What is Learning Alliance of States (LAS)

Learning Alliance of States (LAS) is intended to be a knowledge management network of State Governments. Completely autonomous and independent from the Central Government, it will be a network of the States, created by the states and for the States.

Its members will be 29 States represented by their Chief Ministers. It is proposed that the Chair of LAS will be on a rotation basis starting with Andhra Pradesh, as it is first in alphabetical order of states. Thus it is proposed that the Founding Chair of LAS will be the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

What are objectives of the Learning Alliance of States (LAS)

The mission of LAS is to be a knowledge network which codifies existing knowledge, generates new knowledge, promotes sharing of knowledge, and collaboration amongst States in areas related to public policy and governance.

Main objectives and expected outcomes of LAS are as follows:

  1. Address public policy and governance issues of States through knowledge sharing among them.
  2. Provide to member States quality resources, network services, world-class research and support for relevant areas of public policy and governance.
  3. Create a financially-viable network of public policy professionals, committed to resolving issues related to public policy and governance in States.
  4. Raise awareness at highest levels of policy making regarding the latest practices and frameworks in the area of public policy and governance.
  5. Help and support members in resolving issues related to public policy and governance in their States.
  6. Help generate possible solutions to issues raised by member States and share the solution with all members to fulfil both individual and group goals.
  7. Facilitate learning amongst member States by encouraging them to share their experiences and help benchmark their practices and policies with others.
  8. Create new knowledge in the public policy and governance domains.
  9. Sustain interaction and collaboration amongst its members on an on-going basis to keep up the spirit of network.

Proposed Secretariat for Learning Alliance of States (LAS)

It is proposed that while chairmanship will rotate amongst the states, starting with Andhra Pradesh, the LAS Secretariat will be joint venture between ISB and the newly created Andhra Pradesh ATI and will be initially based at the Bharti Institute of Policy, ISB, and later moved to Andhra Pradesh ATI.

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