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Implement Government wide Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System for Government Departments

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The performance of a government is the key determinant of the competitive advantage of nations. The race among nations will be won by governments that not only do the right things but also do them right.

We have extensive hands-on experience in designing and implementing government-wide performance monitoring and evaluation systems in India and a diverse set of developing countries. In addition, we have also worked in this area in more than a dozen States of the Indian Union

Our Group has worked on implementing the policy of Results-Framework Document (RFD) of Government of India since 2009. Today this policy covers Eighty (80) departments and some Eight Hundred (800) Responsibility Centres (RCs). In addition, Seventeen (17) States of the Indian are at various stages of implementing this policy.

 Government of India: Compendium of RFDs for 2012-13RFD Evaluation MethodologyHaryana: Compendium of RFDs for 2012-13