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The Government Performance Group

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The Government Performance Group (TGPG) is a highly specialized practice within the Governance area in the Bharti Institute of Public Policy with a focus on improving all aspects of government performance. Our group has unparalleled expertise to provide practical advice on the design and implementation of an entire range of tried and tested policy instruments that have the potential to dramatically enhance the ‘performance’ and ‘perception’ of a government.

TGPG is led by Professor Prajapati Trivedi, Senior Fellow (Governance) at Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Adjunct Professor of Public Policy at ISB. One of the world’s foremost authorities on Government Performance Management, he served for more than five years as Secretary to the Government of India. While working in the Cabinet Secretariat, he is credited with designing and implementing an internationally acclaimed system for performance monitoring and evaluation of government departments embodied in the Government of India policy of Results- Framework Document (RFD). Earlier as Economic Adviser to the Government of India he pioneered the implementation of Performance Contracts (known as Memorandum of Understanding- MOU) in Indian public enterprises. In addition, he has led the implementation of a wide array of administrative reforms that enhance performance of government organizations.

TGPG consists of a network of large group of professionals who have worked together for many years on improving performance of various government organizations. While our group is as diverse as any government, all members of this network are bound together by a common bond of passion for improving government performance and implementing practical solutions that actually work. The members of our network consist of distinguished academicians from around the world, practitioners and domain experts with wide international experience, former secretaries to Government of India, former chief secretaries from State Governments and former Chief Executives of public enterprises. Members of this group have worked as a team on a diverse set of performance management initiatives for the past several years.