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Design Performance Related Incentive Scheme for Government Departments

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To improve performance of any organization we need a multidimensional effort. Experts believe that the following three systems are necessary for improving performance of any organization: (a) Performance Information System, (b) Performance Evaluation System, and (c) Performance Incentive System.

A Performance Information System ensures that appropriate information, in a useful format, is available in a timely manner to stakeholders. A Performance Evaluation System is meant to convert, distill and arrange this information in a format that allows stakeholders to assess the true effectiveness of the organization. Finally, no matter how sophisticated the information system and how accurate the evaluation system, performance of any organization can improve in a sustainable manner only if it has a Performance Incentive System. A Performance Incentive System links the performance of the organization to the welfare of its employees. This allows the employees to achieve organization objectives in their own self-interest. Our Group has the required experience and expertise to implement a world class performance related incentive scheme in government as well as public enterprises.