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Design and implement software for performance management of government departments

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Our group has extensive experience in developing and managing state-of-the-art software for government performance management. Having developed and implemented the software in a set of diverse states in India, and provided training to over 2000 practitioners, we can help any government customize and indigenize the available software. This software was developed specifically for the government context and has following features:

  • It facilitates ministries/departments to prepare Performance Agreements, input achievements and calculate scores online.
  • Enhances security by restricting access to officials nominated by departments and access is granted through User ID / Password.
  • Access is role based. The roles can be created by the nodal department • Printouts for individual departments can be prepared in uniform style.
  • Consolidated reports can be generated through a dashboard for nodal agencies monitoring and evaluating departmental performance.
  • Online Availability of previous years’ data to the departments and nodal agencies.
  • Facilitates better synergy and coordination amongst different departments as they are all linked together electronically.