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Social Justice & Empowerment

Mr. Sudhir Bhargava


To build a society wherein members of the target groups of the Department, namely Scheduled Castes (SCs), Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Senior Citizens & Victims of Substance Abuse can lead productive, safe and dignified lives, with all their basic needs being fulfilled, and where equal opportunities are ensured for the growth and development for SCs and OBCs and adequate support and opportunities are ensured for Senior citizens and victims of substance abuse.


The Mission of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment is to empower its target groups, namely, (i)Scheduled Castes, (ii) Backward Classes, (iii) Senior citizens and (iv) Victims of alcoholism and substance abuse through programmes for educational, economic and social development and rehabilitation as appropriate.

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In the year 1985-86, the erstwhile Ministry of Welfare was bifurcated into the Department of Women and Child Development and the Department of Welfare. Simultaneously, the Scheduled Castes Development Division, Tribal Development Division and the Minorities and Backward Classes Welfare Division were moved from the Ministry of Home Affairs and also the Wakf Division from the Ministry of Law to form the then Ministry of Welfare.

Subsequently, the name of the Ministry was changed to the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment in May, 1998. Further, in October, 1999, the Tribal Development Division had moved out to form a separate Ministry of Tribal Affairs. In January, 2007, the Minorities Division along with Wakf Unit have been moved out of the Ministry and formed as a separate Ministry and the Child Development Division has gone to the Ministry of Women & Child Development.
Though the subject of "Disability" figures in the State List in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution, The Government of India has always been proactive in the disability sector. It is not only running seven National Institutes (NIs) dealing with various types on disabilities and seven Composite Regional Centers (CRCs), which provide rehabilitation services to PwDs and run courses for rehabilitation professional but also funds a large number of NGOs for similar services and also a National Handicapped Finance & Development Corporation (NHFDC) which provides loans at concessional rates of interest to PwDs for self-employment. Besides, the Union Government is a party to (i) Proclamation on the Full Participation and Equality of People with Disabilities in the Asian and the Pacific Region - adopted at Beijing in December, 1992, and (ii) The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), which came into effect in May, 2008.
  1. Educational and Economic Development and Social Empowerment of Scheduled Castes (SCs)
  2. Educational and Economic Development and Social Empowerment of Other Backward Classes (OBCs)
  3. Support to Senior Citizens by way of their Maintenance, Welfare, Security, Health Care and Productive and independent living Rehabilitation, through 'whole person recovery' approach, of victims of substance abuse
  4. Improving Internal Efficiency /Responsiveness/Service Delivery of Department of SJ&E;
Outcome/ Impact of department/ ministry Jointly responsible for influencing this outcome / impact with the following department (s) / ministry(ies) Success Indicator Unit FY 11/12 FY 12/13 FY 13/14 FY 14/15 FY 15/16
1. Department of Scheduled
Ministries of labour & Employment,
HUPA, Women & Child Development,
MSME, Statistics and Programme
Implementation, Planning ( Planning
Commission), Departments of
Agriculture & Cooperation, Higher
Education, Health & Family Welfare,
Drinking Water Supply, School
Education & Literacy, Rural
State Governments/UTs.
2. Ministries of HRD, Statistics &
Programme Implementation and
Planning Commission, State Govts and
Human Development Index for
Scheduled Castes
Higher Education Index for
2. Development of Other
Backward Classes
Ministries of Human Resource
Development, Housing & Urban Poverty
Alleviation, Labour & Employment,
Health & Family Welfare, Statistics and
Programme Implementation, Planning (
Planning Commission).
Departments of Rural Development and
State Governments/UTs.
2. Ministries of HRD, MOSPI and
Planning Commission, State Govts and
Human Development Index for
Other Backward Classes
Higher Education Index for
3. Welfare of Senior Citizens
Ministries of Health and Family Welfare,
Rural Development, Finance, Statistics
and Programme Implementation,
Planning ( Planning Commission)
Department of Pensions and Pensioner
State Governments/UTs
Composite Welfare Index for
Senior Citizens


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