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Water Resources

Mr. Alok Rawat

Past Secretaries

Dr. Syamal Kumar Sarkar


Accurate assessment of water resources alongwith optimal and sustainable development, while ensuring adequate and quality water for all the users so as to match with the growing demands of the country


To develop and implement policies, programmes and practices, which would enable the efficient and effective use of the country's water resources in an equitable and sustainable manner with active involvement of all stakeholders

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  1. Implementation of National Water Policy
  2. Alignment of Acts to present day needs
  3. Inter basin transfer of waters / Investigation of schemes
  4. Implementation of National Water Mission
  5. Creation of irrigation potential and Reducing Gap between the IPC & IPU
  6. Ground Water Management & Regulation
  7. Research & development and Capacity Building
  8. River Management Activities and Works related to Border Areas
  9. Farakka Barrage Project
  10. Flood Forecasting
  11. Flood Management Programme
  12. Water Quality Assessment
  13. Awareness generation programme
  14. Independent review / evaluation of XI Plan activities of organizations /Schemes
  15. Brahmaputra Board
Outcome/ Impact of department/ ministry Jointly responsible for influencing this outcome / impact with the following department (s) / ministry(ies) Success Indicator Unit FY 11/12 FY 12/13 FY 13/14 FY 14/15 FY 15/16
1. Keeping unclassified water related data in public domain State Governments Well informed people would enable better decision making for conservation, preservation and augmentation of water resources Date         31-03-2016
2. National Water Framework Law State Governments Essential legislation on water governance in every State of the Union and devolution of necessary authority to the lower tiers of government to deal with the local water situation Date         31-03-2016
3. Evolution of framework for incentivizing States for undertaking water sector reforms State Governments
Rationalization of water charges; Establishment of regulatory mechanism; Enactment of Participatory 
Irrigation Management (PIM)  Act and authorization of Water Users’ Associations (WUAs) to collect and retain water charges; Move towards water distribution on the basis of  volumetric measurements; and
Adoption of modern management tools etc.
Date         31-03-2016
4. Assessment of impact of climate change on water resources of 20 major river basins NIH/IITs/IISc/States Projection of river basin wise water scenario in 2020, 2050 & 2100 Date         30-09-2015
5. Ground Water Management & Regulation (i) Aquifer Mapping (ii) Hydro-Chemical Studies (iii) Monitoring of Ground Water regime through ground water monitoring stations (iv) Preparation of Manual on Aquifer Mapping v. Proposal of Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge in NCT Delhi
vi. Draft concept report of Aquifer contamination remediation
States (i)(a) Data collection, compilation and data gap analysis Lakh Sq,Km   0.54 0.81 0.81  
    (i) (b) Data Generation Construction of Exploratory/ Observation Wells No. 734 465 720 800  
    (ii) Water samples analyzed in the year No 20200 15723 18000    
    (iii) Monitoring in specific time during (May/August/November/January) No 15000 15000 15300 16000  
    (iv) Submission of Manual on Aquifer Mapping Date     7-3-2014    
    Submission of Proposal Date     15-8-2014    
    Submission of draft concept report Date     7-3-2014    
6. River water management activities States Integrated water resource planning at basin level Date     31-3-2014    
7. Reduction for gaps between IPC/IPU MoF/Planning Commission/States Irrigation potential created under AIPB and irrigation potential utilised under CAD programme and RRR also Date     31-3-2014    
8. To collect real time data its analysis and issue of flood forecasts States Accuracy warning of the incoming flood to help in planning activities for reducing the damages from floods within 24 hours. Date     31-3-2014    
9. Revision of Uniform Protocol on Water Quality Monitoring (UPWQM) and bring out revised UPWQM (1 no.). CWC/CGWB/CPCB/NRCD/ MoEF/MoA/MoUD/MoRD/ MoP/MoDW&S/MoH&FW/ IARI/NEERI Approval of draft revised UPWQM by Member Secretary of WQAA Date     31-1-2014    
10. Conducting training programme (6 nos.). CWC/CGWB/ CPCB/ /NIH Conducting training programmes No.     6    
11. Imparting training to technical and scientific officers/engineers (110 trainees). CWC/CGWB/ CPCB/ /NIH Imparting training to technical and scientific officers/engineers No.     110    
12. construction and manufacturing in the water sector to an international audience and also provide a 
platform for exchange of ideas on policy and technology. Circulation of relevant papers and proceedings of 2013 event for sharing of knowledge/ techniques in water sector to States and other stakeholders.
  One event- India Water Week celebration            
13. Awareness among children, their parents, teachers & others on the importance of water conservation.   One event - Painting Competition at School, State and National level No. 5070 23475 41421    
14. Awareness among target groups on issues related to water conservation   20 workshops -Organisation of workshops/seminars No.   20      
15. Awareness among target groups on issues related to water conservation.   Preparation of Action Plan for innovation in IEC. Date     31-3-2014