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Minority Affairs

Mr. Lalit K Panwar


Empowering the minority communities and creating an enabling environment for strengthening the multi-cultural, multilingual and multi-religious character of our nation.


To improve the socio-economic conditions of the minority communities through affirmative action and inclusive development so that every citizen has equal opportunity to participate actively in building a vibrant nation. To facilitate an equitable share for minority communities in education, employment, economic activities and to ensure their upliftment.

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Development of the Human Development Index for minorities (HDIMIN)The Ministry of Minority Affairs was created on 29th January, 2006 to ensure a more focused approach towards issues relating to the minorities and to facilitate the formulation of overall policy and planning, coordination, evaluation and review of the regulatory framework and development programmes for the benefit of the minority communities.

With effect from 28th October, 2012, Shri K.Rahman Khan assumed the charge of the Minister of Minority Affairs. On this same date, Shri Ninong Ering also assumed the charge of the office of the Minister of State in the Ministry of Minority Affairs.The Secretary of the Ministry is assisted by three Joint Secretaries and a Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser (additional charge). The Ministry has a sanctioned strength of 93 Officers/Staff.
  1. Educational Empowerment of Minority communities
  2. Area Development
  3. Socio-economic empowerment of Minority Communities
  4. Institutional Strengthening
Outcome/ Impact of department/ ministry Jointly responsible for influencing this outcome / impact with the following department (s) / ministry(ies) Success Indicator Unit FY 11/12 FY 12/13 FY 13/14 FY 14/15 FY 15/16
1. The possibility of developing a 'Human Development Index' for minorities (HDIMIN) will be explored which will replace all the Outcomes earlier suggested by the Task. The PMD will take the lead in arranging a meeting between the World Bank/ UNDP officials and the officials of the Ministry of Minority Affairs for finding suitable mechanism/agencies for preparing HDIMIN for minorities Development of the Human Development Index for minorities (HDIMIN) to be developed          


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