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Dr. Anup K Pujari

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Past Secretaries:

Mr. R.H. Khawaja


Achieve optimal utilization of India's mineral resources through scientific, sustainable and transparent mining practices, exploration and geo-scientific research & development


  • To develop geo-scientific partnerships with State Governments, Industry and other Stakeholders for management of mineral resources and development of mineral-based industries on scientific and sustainable basis
  • To ensure fairness and transparency in allotment of mineral concessions
  • To establish an e-governance mechanism for accountability of mineral resources from mine to end use/export
  • To ensure that the Geological Survey of India (GSI) and Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) provide high standards of services to stakeholders.

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Ministry of Mines is responsible for survey and exploration of all minerals, other than natural gases, petroleum and atomic minerals, for mining and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals like aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, gold, nickel, etc. and for administration of the Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Act, 1957 in respect of all mines and minerals other than coal, natural gas and petroleum.

  1. Reworking legislative framework for transparent, safe, scientific & sustainable mining and effective regulation
  2. Facilitating techno-economic and scientific development in the mineral sector
  3. Strengthening mechanisms for regulation of mining and curbing illegal mining
  4. Bringing about improvement in the functioning of GSI
  5. Bringing about improvement in the functioning of IBM
  6. Effective supervision of mineral concession system
  7. Monitoring and improving performance of PSUs
  8. Promoting R&D; projects
  9. Accelerating partnerships with resource rich countries.
  10. Survey & exploration of sea bed minerals up to Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
  11. Human Resource Development & Capacity building for Central & State Government and other stakeholders.
Outcome/ Impact of department/ ministry Jointly responsible for influencing this outcome / impact with the following department (s) / ministry(ies) Success Indicator Unit FY 11/12 FY 12/13 FY 13/14 FY 14/15 FY 15/16
Baseline data generation through increased coverage of the OGP areas GSI, NGRI, AMD, State Governments, Geoscience Institutions, Universitities Area to be covered under Geochemical Mapping (GCM) on 1:50,000 scale (in Sq. km.) (% of OGP Area) % 6 9 9 9 10
    Area to be covered under Geophysical Mapping (GPM) 1:50,000 scale (in Sq. km.)(% of OGP Area) % 2.5 3.3 3.7 5 5
Seabed Mapping within EEZ GSI, MoES Swath Bathymetry within Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) sq km 69317 57000 55000 60000 60000
Augmentation in resources of National Mineral Inventories. GSI, IBM, MECL, NMDC, MOIL, State Governments of all mineral-bearing States, all stakeholders in mineral industry
Annual increment to National Mineral Inventory ( for Field Seasons (F.Ss) ending 31st March 2013)
No. * * # # #
Dissemination of Earth Science Data to stakeholders All stakeholders of earth science sector and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, NDMA, Transport, DST, Power, Water Resources, etc Uploading of unpublished report circulated for the FS 2012-13 as per dissemination policy by 31st March 2014 No. of reports 153 250 250 250 250
Capacity Building in Geosciences All organizations of the country related with Geosciences Training courses for others.  (State Govts, PSUs, International Participants etc.) No. of courses 87 90 70 70 70
Augmenting the mineral resources base of the country Forest clearance from MoEF, wherever required. Preparation of Geological Report after completion of exploration activity No.     12 15 16
    Development of mines for production or ore for the clients No. of Mines     3 3 3
Optimal Minerals Development through sustainable and Scientific Mining Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) Improved and regular inspection of Mines. No. 2000 2500 2500    
Annual incremental increase in mineral reserves in the National Mineral Inventoryq GSI, MECL, IBM, State Governments and individual miners Enhancement in mineral reserve and their incorporation in the NMI No.          
Contribution to GDP Policy decisions of all concerned Ministries/Department of Govt. of India and State Govts. and performance of industry and stakeholders Increase in contribution to GDP %          
Creation of direct and indirect employment in the mining sector Policy decisions of all concerned Ministries/Department of Govt. of India and State Govts. and performance of industry and stakeholders Generation of employment No.          


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