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Expert group Meeting on Improving M&E practices in the Education Sector

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Dec 29,2015
India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi

The Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Central Square Foundation (CSF) have decided to collaborate to improve performance management in our school education sector.

Central Square Foundation is an organisation working towards promoting quality education in India by supporting exceptional social entrepreneurs with powerful ideas, providing a platform for the sharing of innovation, and highlighting learning and knowledge that can influence public policy.

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An “Expert Group Meeting on Performance Management in Education Sector” was organized by the Bharti Institte of Public Policy at the India International Center, New Delhi, on December 29, 2015. It was intended to kick-start the proposed collaboration between Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB, and the Central Square Foundation (CSF) to improve Performance Management in education sector and promote quality education in India.

This brainstorming session was attended by Mr. S. C. Tripathi (Former Secretary School Education,GOI), Mr. R. P. Agarwal (FormerSecretary School Education, GOI), Mr. Arun Kumar Mago (former Chief Secreteary of Maharashtra), Mr. S. P. Jhakanwal (former Coordination Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, GOI), Mr. V K Angihotri (former Secretary General Rajya Sabha) Mr. Juned Khan (Education Policy expert). The session was chaired by Dr. Prajapati, Senior Fellow (Governance) & Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, ISB.

Experts discussed methodological and implementation aspects of the proposed Education Management and Accountability Toolkit (EMAT) and Quality Education Manamagent Index (QEMI). EMAT is envisaged to be a toolkit that State Governments could use to monitor the performance of their School Education Departments. Whereas QEMI is intended to be a ‘leading’ indicator of quality of management of school education sector in the state. The meeting discussed list of other relevant experts and a time bound agenda for the design and implementation of EMAT and QEMI.