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The International Workshop on Government Performance Management (IWGPM) was held in New Delhi, India from July 1- 12, 2013, organized by Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) in collaboration with Performance Management Division (PMD), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India. During this Workshop, it was decided that a Community of Practice (COP) on Government Performance Management (GPM) will be established. A detailed description of the COP is indicated here and it will help regulate the activities, organizational and financial aspects of this COP, and outline the functions and responsibilities of its constituent bodies.

This COP will be called Government Performance Management Peer Assisted Learning (GO-PEM-PAL).

Community of Practice (COP) is a learning partnership among practitioners, who find it useful to learn from and with each other about experiences and solutions in the field of Government Performance Management (GPM). They engage in joint activities and discussions, help each other, and share information. They also join forces in developing a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools and ways of addressing challenges in the field of GPM that they face individually and collectively.